Futera Teamwear is the result of several years’ research in improving performance through
an understanding of the relationship between sportswear and player.
Our design principles consider thermal and moisture comfort, durability, and material
make-up for optimum movement, motion and overall performance.

Futera Team is a private label developed by a group of professional footballers and established sportswear designers to deliver high-end, durable yet affordable sportswear.
Futera does not use factories sourced online. Futera does not use generic patterns used by
multiple sportswear companies. Futera does not use guesswork - our craft is a science.
Futera stands for bespoke yet affordable sportswear created by professional footballers
for footballers.


Our trainingwear is designed with one thing in mind - YOU.

Drawing from our professional players’ experience having worn some of the best sportswear in the business, our design and production team have delivered great fits, great durability and great comfort, taking Futera Team trainingwear to the next level.

Our range covers the full spectrum of high quality items needed for the modern game. Items can be customised for your Club - bespoke design, bespoke service.

Every cut is tailored to the modern player, fine detail has been thought through.

With Futera Team trainingwear you are wearing what the professionals always wanted to wear - tracksuits that allow you to train in any weather, coachwear that allows the Coach to focus on training without worrying about the elements, and training balls that look and feel like match balls.

Train next level. Play next level.